In press | Interfunctional business models. Map for the next venture discoveries

Abstract: This article makes a case for the significance that borders have for new venture discovery. We draw on social systems theory and theories of social differentiation to understand how social borders are drawn and use this knowledge to make and unfold a comprehensive market map that is useful for both the tracking of past and the anticipation of new venture discoveries. We conclude that the future of new venture discovery is about the strategic transgression of social borders not only between traditional market segments or strata, but also between the function systems of society such as the political system, economy, science, art, religion, or the mass media system.

Keywords: Business model innovation; social systems theory; social differentiation; functional differentiation; blue ocean strategy.

Accepted manuscript available for download here.

Citation: Roth, S., Melkonyan, A., Kaivo-oja, J., Manke, B. and Dana, L.-P. (in press), Interfunctional business models. Map to an uncharted quadrant of the blue ocean, International Journal of Entrepreneurial Venturing, DOI: 10.1504/IJEV.2017.10006709 [VHB***].

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