Power not money is the new religion. Big data @The Conversation

Modern societies are usually defined as relatively unreligious, dominated by money and power rather than religious beliefs. But why are we so sure that secularisation and the dominance of politics and economy are in the DNA of modern societies? We turned these and similar assumptions into big data research questions and found that, despite all contradicting […]

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Release | A global brain wave measurement

Roth S., Clark C., Trofimov N., Mkrtchyan A., Heidingsfelder M., Appignanesi L., Pérez-Valls M., Berkel J., and Kaivo-oja J. (2017) Futures of a distributed memory. A global brain wave measurement (1800-2000), Technological Forecasting and Social Change,  Vol. 118 No. May, pp. 307-323 [SSCI 3.005, Scopus, CNRS***, ABS***, VHB***]. Abstract: If the global brain is a suitable model of […]

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