9th EURAM Early Career Colloquium | 18-20 March 2018 in Rome (cancelled)

The 9th EECC in Villa Mondragone, Frascati, Italy, has been cancelled! Are you an advanced PhD student? Are you a Postdoc? Are you a Junior Lecturer/Assistant Professor? Do you want to be part of the “Young EURAM club” to share your early career experiences and gain insights? The Early career Community, following the eight earlier […]

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In press | Interfunctional business models. Map for the next venture discoveries

Abstract: This article makes a case for the significance that borders have for new venture discovery. We draw on social systems theory and theories of social differentiation to understand how social borders are drawn and use this knowledge to make and unfold a comprehensive market map that is useful for both the tracking of past and […]

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Seminar | Goethe Institut Eriwan

Seminar: Wertepluralismus und Nachhaltigkeit. Ein Vorbereitungskurs auf die nächsten Herausforderungen für das Armenische Bildungssystem 14.-15. November 2015 in Eriwan Seminarleitung: Prof. Dr. Steffen Roth, ESC Rennes School of Business, Frankreich Seminarbeschreibung zum Download hier. Information und Anmeldung: Karen Badalyan Eine Veranstaltung im Rahmen des Programs Vernetzt für Nachhaltigkeit des Goethe Instituts Georgien. Partner: Sprachenlernzentrum Eriwan, Deutsches Auswärtiges Amt Armenien.

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Release | Gamification of Innovation

Special Issue of Creativity and Innovation Management on Gamification of Innovation Roth, S., Schneckenberg, D. and Tsai, C.-W. (2015), The ludic drive as innovation driver: Introduction to the gamification of innovation, Creativity and Innovation Management, Vol. 24 No. 2, pp. 300-306. Abstract: Gamification has recently been receiving increased attention in corporate innovation and business research alike. In this article, we […]

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