Call | Management and Function: From Added Values to Augmented Realities

Call for papers to a special issue of Systems Research and Behavioral Science (ABS2*)
Management and Function: From Added Values to Augmented Realities
Guest Editor: Dr. Steffen Roth, ESC Rennes School of Business, France
The distinction of function systems such as the political system, the economy, science, religion, or the legal system is considered a key principle of modern societies. Modern man knows how to talk business and when to avoid politics or religion in conversations; considers the buying of votes as corruption; and differentiates show trials from normal cases.
Though these and similar differentiations are naturally applied by a considerable part of the world population, the function system science applies rather than studies functional differentiation. Thus we already find countless definitions of contemporary societies as economized or sometimes even aestheticized, while we still lack precise answers to the questions as to what a function system is and how many function systems exist. What is known so far at least is that function systems emerge from the use of symbolically generalized communication media such as power, money, truth, or belief, whose application recodes communication according to the individual function system’s function. Functional differentiation thus adds code values to almost every aspect of social life, hence multiplying social realities, and constantly re-/creating the augmented reality of modernity. Modern organizations are therefore being rediscovered as oscillating, polyphonic, heterophonic, multifinal, or multifunctional organizations, the observation of which challenges monofunctional management concepts.
Read more? See the official CFP for more information. Deadline for manuscript submission: October 31, 2015.
Contact/Submission Information
Submission to this special issue should count between 4,000 and 8,000 words (including references, tables, figures, etc.). For further questions about the issue and the appropriateness of a potential submission, please feel free to contact issue editor Steffen Roth. To submit your work by the deadline, please follow guidelines on the journal website.

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