Release | Digital transformation of social theory. A research update

Roth S. (2019) Digital transformation of social theory. A research update, Technological Forecasting and Social Change, Vol. 146 No. September, pp. 88-93 [SSCI 3.815, Scopus, CNRS***, ABS***, VHB***]. Article available for download here. Abstract: This article outlines the basic design of digitally transformed social theory. We show that any digital world is created by the […]

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Release | The open theory and its enemy

Roth S. (2019), The open theory and its enemy: Implicit moralisation as epistemological obstacle for general systems theory, Systems Research and Behavioral Science, Vol. 36 No. 3, 281-288 [SSCI 1.052, Scopus, CABS**]. Online first version of the article available for download here. Abstract: Ludwig von Bertalanffy decisively shaped open systems theory as challenge and alternative to […]

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CFP | NOR. Reverse engineering the Laws of Form

Call for participation in a ISTC paper development workshop on “NOR. Reverse engineering the Laws of Form” (3-4 June 2019 in Dubrovnik) Co-organizers: Steffen Roth, La Rochelle Business School, France, and Yerevan State University, Armenia* Markus Heidingsfelder, Habib University Karachi, Pakistan Lars Clausen, University College Lillebælt, Denmark, and University of Flensburg, Germany* Klaus Brønd Laursen, […]

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