Release | Digital transformation of social theory. A research update

Roth S. (2019) Digital transformation of social theory. A research update, Technological Forecasting and Social Change, Vol. 146 No. September, pp. 88-93 [SSCI 5.846, Scopus, CNRS***, FNEGE***, ABS***, VHB***].

This article has been assessed as Top 10 article co-/authored by Lithuanian-based researchers in the field of social sciences in the periods of 2011-2020 and 2012-2021. The article available for download here.

Abstract: This article outlines the basic design of digitally transformed social theory. We show that any digital world is created by the drawing and cross-tabling of binary distinctions. As any theory is supposed to be concerned with truth, we introduce to and insist on the distinction between true and false distinctions. We demonstrate how flexible matrix-shaped theory architectures based on true distinctions allow for the reduction and unfolding of the entire complexity of analogue social theories. The result of our demonstrations is the idea of a theoretical Supervacuus. The social equivalent of a universal Turing machine, this supervacuous social theory is virtually empty as it is based on only one proper theoretical premise (the idea of distinction [between true and false distinctions]), and therefore able to simulate all other social theory programmes. We conclude that our digitally transformed social theory design is particularly useful for observations of a digitally transformed society.

Keywords: Digital transformation, social theory, digital theory, universal social theory machine, Supervacuus, true distinctions.

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