Release | A virus for next organisations

Roth, S. (2016), Growth and function. A viral research program for next organisations, International Journal of Technology Management, Vol. 72 No. 4, pp. 269-309 [SCI .867, SSCI .365, FNEGE-CNRS**, ABS**, VHB**].

Article available for download here.

Abstract: This article is the prototype of a virus that recodes economy-biased decision programs of capitalist organisations. To bypass the notorious firewalls of capitalism we developed a program that works as anti-capitalist malware program without being one. This is achieved by changing the programming language from moral code to functional differentiation. If executed, our program a) decodes growth as both economic and non-economic form and b) installs a multifunctional subroutine that enables organisations to modulate the frequencies with which they code decisions in both economic and non-economic media. The more decisions coded in non-economic media, the less important the economy, and the more alternatives to anti-/capitalist visions of de-/growth emerge.

Keywords: Virus; organisational program; functional differentiation; social differentiation; degrowth; post-growth; next organisation.

Original manuscript listed as “Best Paper Nominee” at the EURAM 2016 in Paris

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