Organizational Behaviour and Theory Track @ASB Conference 2016 in Halifax

Organizational Behaviour and Theory Track @Atlantic Schools of Business Conference 2016 in Halifax, October 21-13, 2016

The Organizational Behaviour and Theory track of ASB is sympathetic to papers that explore the relationship between the behaviour of people in organizations and individual, group and organizational outcomes. It welcomes papers that have a predictive capacity or seek to develop theory to understand behaviour, communication, and organization. Topics of interest include but are not limited to: exploring personality, identity, social and functional differentiation, values and attitudes at work, learning in organizations, motivation, leadership, organizational stress, organizational power, organizational cultures, structures, systems, designs, and programs. Papers in various stages of development, as well as from a variety of paradigmatic approaches are welcome.
Local chair: Ali Ahmadsimab, Saint Mary’s University,
International chair: Steffen Roth, Rennes School of Business,
The ASB 2016 conference program is available for download here.

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