Release | Business value communication and communication on business values

Roth, S. (2014), The things that go without saying. On performative differences between business value communication and communication on business valuesInternational Journal of Business Performance Management, Vol. 15 No. 3, 175-191.

This article argues that analyses of value semantics in organisational image brochures, websites, and further official documents do not give information about an organisation’s ethical performance. Based on a systems theoretical definition of values, the case is made for a distinction of communication on values and value communication, the latter of which is defined as implicit form of communication. This distinction is illustrated by examples of personal and organisational value communication at Coca Cola France, Marriott Belgium, Accenture India, and two French retailers as well as a contrastive discussion of the CSR activities of Grünenthal GmbH and Coca Cola Hellenic Bottling. The findings suggest that research on business performance management by metaphor should be complemented with a focus on management by allusion, the latter of which could turn out to be effective to such extent that it finally calls for ethical concerns itself.

One thought on “Release | Business value communication and communication on business values

  1. Dear Professor Roth,

    I am glad to know that you published the paper, which seems very interesting. I believe many scholars in management will benefit from your semantic approach.

    I will attend this year’s annual meeting of Academy of Management, and present a paper at an entrepreneurship divisional paper session. This is titled “Institutional work and scholarly networks: A rapprochement between agency and structure”, in which I was trying to answer to my question of “Why are some actors (e.g., scholars) willing to make connections across their networks (e.g., academic fields), while others are reluctant to do?”.

    Once again, congratulations!


    Sang-Bum Park

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